Living In The Right Attitude

There are lots of people living with different baggage of emotions that makes it difficult for them to focus on their basic principles and goals. These people feel things don’t come their way not knowing they’re being crushed to some unknown or burdensome worries and norms.

To be able to understand the self better, one needs to know various broad steps and values or methods by which is undertaken to build his/herself. These steps is put in one word but six powerful letters: CHANGE. To change one can go from known to unknown; positive to negative; and vice-versa. This cuts across all ages, all fields of discipline and through the sexes. It does not escape anyone. Change is what one uses to add or remove certain traits in life. But How?

In one’s Life, the choice of what to be and how to develop to befit a certain degree of self-worth or self-actualisation plays a key role in the evaluation of various processes of methods and principles used of which the other person perceives to follow or reject. The ways by which to go about them either makes or mar the person but nevertheless creates a room to increase its affinity of such processes or methods or reduce or eliminate them. Yet the broad steps by which one can go about compiling them ends up to a term called Attitude. Thus the person is a being by the set of attitudes developed by this person. This attitude can be positive or negative, to strive for perfection, the positive set of attitudes is key to healthy living. Now there are various compositions of developing a Right and Positive attitude, as well as it is broad. For this categories can help measure oneself in attaining or forming a Right set of Attitudes.


  • Self-Esteem
  • Cheerfulness
  • Sporty
  • Stress-free
  • Free-Spirited
  • Steadfastness
  • Charisma

This comprises traits like: Self-Worth, Affinity of self-actualisation, Perception accuracy, brilliance, etc.; level of awareness and reasoning. With these, one can be comfortable in the way he or she carries itself. This is one of the most important factor for it summarizes the way one thinks and works and a good built but positive one no matter how few the efforts made goes a long way in understanding the environment where one’s found.

This has amongst its likes: Happiness, Laughter, Ability to Forgive and Forget, etc. With these traits, the sensual perception of one is sharpened and can be able to develop healthy theories of the self and infer a sound principles in things and around people.

The traits that qualify sporty are: Energetic, Flexibility attained from exercising and engaging in a particular sport or in series of sports, a good sense of hyperactive strength. These helps one to tackle stressful, tedious and tough tasks as well as control the flow of pressure otherwise known as Multi-tasking.

For one to be a free sprit being, such a person is highly independent and responsible. This means that such a person can take risks and assume any position or carry out works equal to an entrepreneur or a Director of a top grade level company. Being this gives one the absolute freedom to try as many as he or she can, various tasks, principles and theories as well as risks whether healthy or dangerous.

Traits of Steadfastness are: Firmness, Ability to Stick to One’s ground, Staunchness, Rigid amongst its likes. One who is with this kind of attitude often confuses it with some negative traits such as chauvinism, narcissism, egoism, power etc. which should not be so let alone be replaced with the above good traits. With steadfastness, it aides the free-spirit attitude to have a clear head and good ending towards certain goals while it assists the Sporty attitude to navigate and select healthy priorities.

This positions one’s mystical and spiritual being for it centres on Devotion, Faith, Religious, Philosophical in cognition, etc. This makes one access certain mystical processes and development as a connection to the Divine. It is either one Superstitious, monotheistic, polytheistic or an atheist. But from it, one is a medium created to access through another medium to its Maker.

In essence, one is sure to have a right living if any or all of these components are put together to develop his or her person. Whatever it is makes it modern or archaic; good or bad; much or little but with two contrasts, one needs to add one and another to make and live rightly for an attitude.


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