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Jumping Through

I wondered what makes me a person of approval
Even though all seems not to be behind my appraisal
For I have learnt to live by without Praise or Slanders
And the Success wrought accidentally pinned to my Profile
Nevertheless, I move about like a Champion
With my being bruised or with my head high I am strong with my being


“Nail the fool, who doesn’t have respect for anyone”;
“Let’s test his patience and see if he would give in”
“Entice all who he rubs shoulders with, defame his integrity at all costs”
Is all they scheme throughout the season as its become their daily task
Yet one is unflinching from them all for the hard-work and rewards is its path
Two different routes enthralled, One in perpetual peace and the other in unending revolt.


Still it seems the empty but over-sized nature of detractors and enemies
Across the bleak but quiet doses of truth forever present in whoever striving in perfection
Meets across the lines and lives of the World whom never care to see or perceives
That Good weather naked rather unseen cannot be absolved even if there’s the latest lie
Seen as an immovable God whom never bate an eye in its midst of its celebrated Presence
Is the battle between one with Good against the cohorts of evil friends premonitory by who is jumping through.



When will my breakfast be made
And who will cook it,
Don’t Forget Lunch is in two hours time
With a bottle of Wine to go with it,
If it doesn’t add up the Bill
Then lets check out for a Cheaper Hotel nearby.

How will my brief reach my Desk,
Or my Report reach my Boss
For there is a meeting by noon
But my Secretary will be there soon
Oh, no I have a Meeting scheduled abroad
And my Visa expired yesterday.

Oga Driver, how I go reach this junction,
With this small money wey dey my hand
I get 1,000 naira but no change
And the place I wan go no get address
But you fit help me buy pure Water,
For I go settle Conductor before I go drop!

Sorry sir, I will not try it again,
To jump the queue is not my thing,
I have a Cousin arriving from the States
And my wife is in the Labor Room with twins,
How about I settle you with some few change
And use the rest to buy some fuel.

Taah, Tuueeh, Oh what is this?
This sour food you served is more than two days old
After paying you my month old salary in this fancy Restaurant,
A Shocking result is what I get.
Oh, who led me to come here,
When my wife can serve me through her busy schedules.

Your Money is 250,000 Naira with 30% payment,
Ahm Ehn,  Ahm Ehn sounds as he clears his throat
If you don’t mind can you receive 50,000 for a start
I left the rest before I came out
And my bank is slow to be processed online
For this House I bargained for is beyond what I expected!


See me see wahala, How e take become my problem
You force me, I say no and you come enter like that
Now that e don set, agbada don turn trouser
You go pay me till you tell me thank you
You use speed enter this sharp bend,
Now you don bash my car, your body don humble.


See Pastor I am in a dilemma
I promised my wife to be of her bride price
When my boss denied my salary twice
Yet today I said I give you my tithe
Please can I delay till the right time.


All these may be true or false
Whichever you stand is left for you
But to be clear of what is new
These are complaints made by me and you!

The Last Luck that Broke The Fortune’s Back

There was this boy praying to be adopted someday. He was the oldest in the Orphanage but was the most talented of them all. He was the teacher to the kid that came to the orphanage and saw each and everyone through the home with the ethics they are to learn and the subjects that were taught in schools. He taught so passionately and with pride that each parent who adopts the child he taught either lavish the owner of the Orphanage with Gifts or allows the child to spend time in the Orphanage whenever the holidays came.

Now the Owner of the Orphanage Died leaving her husband and a Child. The boy was nineteen when the owner died. So the Husband with the new parents of the children that were adopted decided to give out the Orphanage to another caretaker if the responsibility of taking care of the child she left behind would be a bane to the grieving husband. . Unfortunately, the child the former owner bore died. She was barely three years old. With struggles living with the new owner for four years, they-the new owner himself, the Parents of the adopted children – agreed this only boy left be transferred to another Orphanage which happened to be manned by the new wife the former owner, a shock gripping the boy who was so loyal to the man that can’t do without him.

Twenty Years had passed without an issue from his new wife who was a bundle of disgrace and disappointment to him. He at various times feared death because of her. Also, the Parents of the Adopted Children had all passed on and allowed history repeat itself with these children now married and nursing their own kids. All of them paid a surprise visit to their former Orphanage home only to express their disbelief and shock of what the new wife is treating him. He was the reason behind the new wife’s Divorce. But the Orphanage had now new set of children but poorly underdeveloped at that. And so they began restructuring the Orphanage home as each family took turns to take care of the man and cater well for him. Through this, the widower then made plans to reinstate the boy to found an orphanage with the Children of his mates as well as the children who opted to be transferred from the new wife’s Orphanage. He felt glad beyond words for he has formed a strong bond between the Orphanages he’s been in

Now the boy now almost in his early forties found life unbearable for him. He was stripped of his teaching profession for a more dirtier job- To be a Steward, Driver and Laundry Man which was what the new wife caused. The formalities to return him to the house of his former owner was successful. He frequents the house and the two orphanages comfortably. . On this good weekend he picked the call from an unknown number. This was one of his closest child he trained from the new wife’s orphanage who happened to be in touch until she got married and promised she return with her family and with a big Surprise.
When she arrived, there were lots of tears, hugs. kisses and tales of each and every kid he taught. His turn reached and narrated all his experiences and encounters there. Like what was taught to be an end only became a beginning to his travails for her eldest daughter who was now nineteen narrated how she met this strange fellow that happened to be the only surviving sister to the late owner as she presented a parcel. Then came screaming and howling was later quelled, and all attention was on the parcel, with lots of inquiry and confirmations that the parcel was meant for him. This forty year old man felt it was faith as he couldn’t link how a lady gave a parcel to another unknown teen. . Without rushing into the inquiry and all, the Widower opened it and allowed the boy to read it.

This is what the letter entailed:
“To my new found Son and wish-to-be adopted child
Jim,You will be surprised why I am writing to you and not to Larry my Husband.
This is because Larry won’t understand if you are not put in the picture. I have noticed your persistence in getting adopted and how you feel about it.
I understand why you aren’t pushing it as much as the rest. At least you have Larry to cater for your needs even though he may not be as inquisitive as I am.
There are lots of things I want to tell you, starting from why I want your name to be called Jim. But there is no time now for I have Cancer and would soon leave you.
Nevertheless, I have attached the following documents for you to head as MY SON I wish I had. Please Guard it jealously for this is how my spirit will live on and as it is my will as well.

‘My Diary(all about myself; My Marriage to Larry; The Orphanage; My Last Lonely Path to the Path of Death).
My Will
And Your Hopeful Future of which I intend you to tread on.’

Take Care Jim, I will always be watching you,
Your Mother-In Spirit,

Jim and the Children especially Larry was mute for virtually for an Hour before they shed tears and gave each other dozens of Hug. It seemed this boy has fulfilled in the letter the Intentions of their Founder.

Afraid Of Thinking

There are Obituaries and People that die without counting
So too are the Numbers of the babies entering this world
If paired against each other, would the number match
Or still pondering will it equal the total number of being in my fatherland?

For also are those who broadcast their news
And many still fail to reach the ear
These too, when paired-who will out do the other
When those that report and those whom fail to are not also among the considered?


You can have the power or strength to do a thing
No matter how little or much, big or small
Should it be rightful you are accorded Praise
Or loaded with accolades of all gifts, awards and of such sorts?


You that cannot do a thing or is incapacitated
Is it a restraint or an excuse owing to deformity of a part
Did it affect the other parts that are still strong
Or this too slowed or shutdown your thinking self?

Whether caught in the extremes
Or perceived as the beneath
There is no middle between or amongst these two
To build or destroy is what you must choose


Never will the world care
Even though you are but a speck of it
You came and it was there
You will go and it will still be here.


Ponder on and the result is limitless
For your beginnings was once never there
Yet never pray for an end for it seems you are in one
Not to imagine the endless outcomes yet unfathomed.


For the World began like Void till there was God
Still he acts like one that seems not to care
But gave you the heart that cares more like him
With Life so short to grasp why you’re but dust.


On and On one can ponder on
Whether to think like God or beclouded with One’s thoughts
Again there a million things to think, say and do
Yet none of these is the reason why you God made you YOU!


A Speck of Action Bored

I wonder as I pondered away
What makes One act so strange
Is it the series of actions seen at that moment
Or the covert thoughts yet to be displayed
Still the thousands of events long processed
Would Man digest before he’s tagged to an act


Should it be why he is acting so Strange?
For this is what makes him so to himself
How is it that he failed this simple test?
There is no way such can befriend my child
Can I rethink this through by asking him why?

Thousands of thoughts will trail the mind
Yet few a action is cast to get a frame
That all were but wishful dispositions that lacked time
When the day is past and such actions gone.
Still their thoughts pour out eventually but sentimentally
Those dream actions locked with few encounters shared.

So like the rest we pour out our take
How this or that should be done but none to show it
And when indeed an example portrayed is cast
The kicks, disapproval and indifference beclouded
Very little may be the lesson learned
But better still the Wise has been schooled.


Yet one is slow to learn from a thousand stories told
Of Life History, Fiction or Prose so extensively sold
Though this is time to grade how one fared
Or how quickly thin or thick the lesson soared
Nevertheless what is there to tell
Mine is made and there is different sides to sell.


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