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Goal to Forego

Like a running thought streaming
Is the output of the computer beaming
Such were the options explored
To keep, or execute or left annulled
Yet the explosion of a thousand works
Bereft for a man in confused state.

Who ever thought he’d be late
To feel amazed for the success gained
His dreams enticed him though not awake;
Laziness he said won’t make him quake.
Alas he comes to know about his fate,
He must work or never seek to eat.

For the choice to earn some good rewards,
Will seem to woo his every work;
Whom tried and fought with his blood
The benefits of all his labour won;
For though it’s cut short by some negligence
His ignorance won’t stand to owe him a chance.

But more soon he realizes he’s not alone,
With a wife who nags and with his fifth child.
The eldest keeps crying to return to school,
Worried that her mates would graduate now.
There’s no fees to redeem her,
Nor his job earn him an allowance to save her.

Or is it about his troublesome triplets
Who seek to provoke every neigbour;
Dreadful at school and bullies to their mates
They take so much after their father;
With a girl among them to taunt a grown male,
And the boys like a movie that attack and bail.

Yet again he’s torn to ponder
A better job than his previous ones.
If it had come long before he was sacked at his first job because of his triplets lost the keys of the department to the building.

History best preserved it as he was granted a loan a week before as his department and the lost day was a contract that was yet to materialize.
The children fooled the neighbor’s son as it was the key to his boarding locker.
Whilst the poor chap left it with his mate,
Sad father of five spent five days in the cell for such a mistake.
With three months of liquor to erase it all.

To be continued.


The 3 Rules For A Good Life

A Remedy of those who have given up hope. Especially my people in Nigeria.


What is a good life? Without getting too philosophical, I think a good life is only based on a few rules.

There are too many rules in life. I’m told to stand up straight, act a certain way; don’t use the salad fork for the steak.

What do you mean?


Amidst all the criticisms how do you live a good life? To be honest, I don’t know. But, here’s where I start:

1) Laughter

Every single day, I insert a reason to laugh. As children we laugh about 300 times a day. As an adult, that number is reduced to a meager 7.


How did we go from 300 to 7?

Did we cross some bridge of agony and now here we are: Mindless drones that wake up, go to work, participate in office gossip, watch Breaking Bad, and then sleep and…

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A Want For Equality

Egalitarians of today are still praying to have the world to be a place where a man and woman can live together irrespective of the competition they face, ideological and philosophical differences, tribal, racial or whatever variable perceived. Despite the reason that such champion of notion tends to waver amongst the already existing few that exist, such in an astonishingly discovered research is dwindling in number. I truly wondered if there are such still holding out to their opinions as to reflecting and imprinting such ideas to the world.

Though the world tends to be the collusion of bombarded thoughts, ideas, discoveries and results, the average person whom seek to be an egalitarian hopes to heal a fraction of those who defends such views. Such a person should be aware that as the world rotates, so also the variances of Race, Culture, Background, Education and the Divine. The development of these factors enhances or divides through dialogue and other social means, a quest for possible outcomes revealing its thinness or thickness; exposure or negligence; humanly or divinely; meaningful or controversial- results that is either good or bad for the person as well as with the other person.

Thus it is fair to perceive when engaged in discussion some certain or obviously identified traits can be thoroughly, if not properly sought for, the awareness of such so as to influence a healthy change towards the stiffness of whatever result ensued in the exchange of ideas or the recommendations rendered to adopting new ones.

These  is the stand I am happy to share with anyone who wish to learn or give in order to restore some measures of balance among the sexes.

Yet still I ask: Are there still Egalitarians in this World?

My Abortion Story

Story of the unwanted periods of wanting a baby. Please feel free to share your experience as it may be as personal as setting a private session with me.


Before I begin, please don’t leave any comments meant to shame me or any other person who has had an abortion. Regardless of your person views, this is my story. I do not regret having my abortion.

I’ve been coming across an increasing number of women who’ve been posting their abortion stories online. I wrote about my experience about 7 months ago, but it has been a long time and we have gained a lot of followers since then. As such, I think it is about time to tell my story again.

Back in February, Withteeth and I were finally settling down after a long and stressful five months. Our lives had been turned upside down and we were finally settling in to a new “normal.”  By the end of the month we were taking a break from school. A break that we spent pet-sitting for Withteeth’s parents. Then we…

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Have a story? Share it with us!

I so pray my contribution and posting of my stories may help elevate the interest and aim of this blog. Nice work and Good luck to those stories that are short listed.


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