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Search for Self

With lots of pondering thought
Never letting a moment lost
Still in presence aloft,
Came voices that tenders sloth ;
Who knows what shall behold thee
When there’s no need to live
For it seems life has bought you forth
Without a gain to live again.

Words, Promises, Priorities wrought
Has not steered the clear way sought
Indeed the friends and all
Further complicates that which was got
A wind spurned with ease you’re
As you wrestle with the thoughts of being invalid.
So without vain you fought, carving a niche to grow forth.

Alas a road is there to map
Taking a pinch of steps with all your might
You journey through your various thoughts to clothe thyself a unique spot.
All this while you search for thyself
Like a visitor who escaped for a holiday
A wondrous onerous plot, a break it stole to get refreshed;
Yet you can’t tell why you died
A quiet death to rise this bright.


Great Thinkers can be…

You walk by a friend’s house to visit,
Only to be cut by some words that moved you so passionately.
About the various mirrors of Life- its Challenges, Gifts, Talents and Prospects.
The words kept flying but this remained:
A little effort you do today will evoke the faith to change all priorities.

Like it never ended there was another powerful quote.
Only that it’s from one who is easily dismissed as insane;
You witnessed the genesis of the encounter,
There came a lady with all her beauty and Pride that hit a mad man but didn’t bulge.
In anger, came the words directed to her: ” when person wey mad pass you waka, no complain”.

If only you’d a diary to save all these,
Such words that came with some heavy entrance,
That keeps you pondering as you arrive your destination,
But was cut short with another amusing but golden word.
A biker pass you in quick speed, raising dust across swampy waters;
There you rebuked with a quick temper:

“Surely common sense can’t be easily accessed

Drawing Insight From Your Annual Report

For all learners and experts of blogging. This should be some methods and guidelines that got to where you’re or would bring out that finish in you.

The Daily Post

Note: Annual Reports weren’t sent automatically to all users. You had to publish at least one post for the year and get over five-hundred views in 2014 in order to generate a report.

At the end of 2014, when we were ringing in the new year, the busy data wizards at prepared and emailed a “2014 in Blogging” Annual Report for many of our blogs:

annual report

Your report was a fun snapshot of your blogging activity last year, including:

  • your blog’s total views
  • the total number of uploaded images and published posts
  • your most-viewed posts and top referring sites
  • your most active commenters

Understand and Analyze Your Stats:

As we’ve said before in our Stats Wrangling series (listed at left), analyzing these sorts of numbers…

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Different moods of desperation you’ve ever been.


We all go through this period of time, where no matter how satisfied we are at work, we have this desperation to take some time off from work and live our life without any stress. The desperation to take the corporate tag around our neck, toss it in the trash and just walk out of office. The desperation to take a long sabbatical and not be judged for it.

The desperation to just delete Facebook, Twitter, Instagram accounts and not keep scrolling pages at night, looking at others’ living a “happy life” and sighing. The desperation to throw the mobile phone into a river saying “Screw you, Candy crush enabling piece of shit!!!” and live a carefree life without having to inform people about your whereabouts.

The desperation to eat that piece of Toblerone which you have been avoiding for months just to be in shape. Guess what? It doesn’t…

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Respecting Your Right to Believe Doesn’t Mean Giving Your Beliefs a Free Pass

Some differences between Rights and beliefs


new atheists

It seems as though a lot of people assume that respecting a person’s right to believe means letting them say whatever they want and never confronting them. This isn’t the case. I can respect your right to believe and still openly disagree with you. Refusing to hide my beliefs doesn’t mean I’m disrespecting your rights, it just means I’m practicing mine.

I was listening to an old episode of the podcast The Atheist Experience the other day. One of the callers they talked to called in simply to tell them that they shouldn’t be talking about Christianity, they should just talk about atheism. According to this caller, their discussion of Christianity was disrespectful. Why? Because they are atheists. The idea that merely talking about Christianity while being a non-Christian is disrespectful is silly. I often talk about men while being a non-man. Is that disrespectful too? But the very idea…

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How Many Kinds of Feminism Are There?

There are innumerable kinds of feminism that a section of it is studied in the field of Psychology and to the average Women, there are a mystery to themselves. It goes beyond the points outlined here and could be as well stuck off. But the point to agree with is that, There are Many Kinds Of Feminism and its so broad, it becomes Mysterious on the Holistic mystery on the sex of Women.


A lot. There are a number of schools of thought within feminism, some of them are better known than others. While there is a misconception that feminism is divided as a result of these various schools, the differences between the schools are differences in methodology and not differences in their end goal. All feminists want equality of the sexes. This has always been the main goal of feminism. But different types of feminism believe that female inequality is caused by different things. Few feminists fit in to only one school of thought.

The different schools are as follows:

Liberal Feminism: Liberal feminists accept the classical liberal notion that all people are inherently rational. Since women are people, women are rational. Liberal feminists believe that it is this rationality that makes women deserving of equal treatment.


Marxist Feminism: Marxist feminists believe that the inequality suffered by women is caused by capitalism…

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“This suspense is terrible. I hope it will last.”

Readers and Writing Crafters, this is really some of the secrets o good reading/writing. Bank on it!

The Daily Post

As a child, the anticipation of eating one of my mom’s freshly made brownies nearly drove me to the brink of insanity. She had a rule about how long they needed to cool down before my sister and I could cut them. I’d be bouncing off the walls with excitement until the kitchen timer dinged, and I was allowed to dig in. Oh, the humanity.

While those brownies were absolutely delicious, it was my eagerness and impatience before eating them that was the real rush.

Years later, my mom’s rules about her homemade baked goods reflect how I like to tell a story. Whether my tale is verbal or written, fiction or non-fiction, it’s my goal to hook my audience, build excitement, and create mystery about the resolution. The best compliment I can ever receive is, “I couldn’t stop reading. I couldn’t put it down.” 

Any genre, any topic, can thrill a reader…if you know how to…

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How To Escape Loneliness

Classics friends of who I follow really striking deep words that only the self alone can answer. Use this to fight back when you feel you’re caged by all odds!


Our family surrounds us at birth, and they’re present for the most part throughout your life, but they never warned you of the loneliness in this world. They never prepared you for the harsh truths and rough life that you may lead.

You were thrown headfirst endlessly seeking happiness and pleasure. Through the entire journey you fall and fail, and fall and fail some more, trying to find a speck of happiness in someone or something.

Your Social Circle

I depend on my social circle to a very large degree. I don’t know who I would be without them. I would be lost.

But before this blissful time, I was hopelessly alone. All through elementary and high school, I just had myself. I was ridiculed and severely unhappy.

In elementary school, I would pretend I was sick and stay home. In high school, I hung out with the librarian and…

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Who Are You to Question God?

What’s your Take if you are to answer this or if you are the one questioning!


Seth Andrews mentioned this statement in his most recent podcast of The Thinking Atheist: It is said in many different ways, but it is something a lot of atheists have heard. It is meant to shut down a conversation. It is meant to bully us into silence.

So who are we to question God? We are humans just like every theist. We have the same access to knowledge that theists do. We have the same basic abilities that theists do. And we have the same rights that theists do. If a theist can proclaim God’s (or a god’s) existence, then we can use our own knowledge and understanding to proclaim the opposite. If theists can say what God wants or doesn’t want from us, then atheists can question that claim.

Who are we to question God? Well, for one, we aren’t questioning God. We don’t believe in God. We…

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Because I say so…

Nicely Captured Thoughts of Comparing between the Way One does things with God’s. Truly Man should learn of how to go about authenticating himself without the of the WHO I AM endorsement!

The iMonastery

244px-messier-42-10-12-2004-filtered-e1401834586474While working on some projects over the past few weeks, I was struck with an amazing realization…

Are you a parent? Were you a parent? Of… do you remember your own parents? Imagine, if you will…

  1. You tell your child to do something or other that they don’t particularly want to do.
  2. They (predictably) ask, in a whiny voice, “But… but… WHY?”
  3. And you say? (fill in the blank here)(Psst! Hint: Check the title of this post!)

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Have you ever noticed how often God Almighty, when faced with parallel situations with His Old Testament children, identifies Himself thus…

“I am the Lord your God, who brought you out of Egypt.”

Time and time again, He identifies Himself this way. And one day this realization just stopped me cold, as I thought… “Waitaminute! Why does God EXPLAIN Himself? Is He coddling His children? I mean…

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