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Orientation and Understanding of Christians in Public Office.

I find this Article a formation to why one needs to constantly pray and be of sincere but genuine, thorough and honest towards those who were, campaigning for, incumbent and those outside in Public Offices and it’s corridors.

It may be you someday so please spread the word.

Onyeador Anthony with compliments and regards from Uniquely Mustered


Don’t Jump!


This is what I’ve been trying to pass across in my today’s posts.

Onyeador Anthony with compliments and regards from Uniquely Mustered

Prayer for Self-Renewal


Cross of Renewal

Dear God,
I thank you for what you’ve done, what you’re doing and what you shall do in my life.
I thank you more for the opportunities I’ve made and used, Mistakes that were self-inflicted and non purposeful; and Good choices I’ve lost and misused. I pray that as I present myself for forgiveness and supplication, I shall once more appeal your presence in my life.

I wish to ask for Renewal in thoughts, speech and disposition for there are numerous times I bring myself to commit them so wrongful a habit that it’s become a kind of lifestyle. Most times I’m unaware of what comes out of me owing to the mood, situation and challenges it provoked me to react.
Please change and constantly remind me I’m the temple of your spirit and as I bless, I heal and whenever I curse, I destroy.
Help me Lord to be anew in thoughts for this is a most feared intent of my being. That as I heal with my tongue, my thoughts shall pray to reciprocate it. Most times, I could use either in different tones- To bless with a unpleasant thoughts and to curse with a healing thoughts. As I learn from you, dear savior, may I ever more be disciplined with self-control and Gifts of the Holy Spirit.

Renew me Lord in my actions and correct any misguided motives and works of my hands. Grant me the grace to do all for you without self gratification, knowing that it’s to your will I earnest seek; your covenant I behold ever in my life. Make me aware that I’m my brother’s and sister’s keeper irrespective of who, what and how they are.
I seek these O Lord to be Holy in your sight though I’m but a frail and Sinful Child.

Blessed be your name as thee are forever Adored.

Onyeador Anthony with compliments and regards from Uniquely Mustered

Switched Upgrade

All you wish to do in the future are now long past.
The today’s task left undone.
Moods aren’t steady, can’t tell which you’re right now.
Still ahead you forge on like one without bearing; unfocused.
But the returns you get are relieving and most successful than if you laid hands to make it work.

What a strange formation irrespective of the sound training and background,
For friends battle to aim your worth as you’re aimlessly wandering about.
To remain as you’re isn’t enough and the future is still bleak.
Despite the Struggle to make yourself work, the heightened damage of results’ wrought.

Slowly but gradually you urge on, with a motivation backed by a ghostly face.
You strive to improve your worth, only to be shocked with the downfall number of Friends and Mentors.
A lonely world you remain, afraid if you’ll be imprisoned or bound free.
All the source of your strength is wasting away in lost discovery of empty victory:
Prayer, Research, Food and the rest-
Gone to the search of self-rediscovery. 

Yet again a blow of irrecoverable shock sizzles you,
As friends silently steals your success away.
They come as though they seek for help
And leave you twice as worse as you were.
Innocently you believe they came to visit,
Erroneously is the defeat you face in a sudden speed of time.

Regrouping seems hard for such retreat,
A monks’ life is the journey you sojourn
Hoping to gather strength to build your success;
Behold God is away seems to be the dawned foresight.

Onyeador Anthony with compliments and regards from Uniquely Mustered

The Dieases Called Tribalism

I believe every Nigerian who wishes to make patriotic changes for the Country must read this and make it a Promise and Prayer.

Onyeador Anthony with compliments and regards from Uniquely Mustered


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