Building Your Cornerstone

GENESIS 37:3-4,12-13,17-28.

There are many ways of viewing or perceiving the Text: “The Stone which the builders rejected has become the cornerstone”. This could be thought from three different standpoints, but to build a safe chain of thought is considered necessary for it would serve as guidelines to these prevailing standpoints. On the onset, one needs to start from a DREAM. Dream is not the tale from the usual sleep of REM(Rapid Eye Movements) but of an abstract tale backed it vision, commitment and virtues that helps motivate a person to stay in touch with Reality. This Dream could be grown from gradual steps of Hard-work, Dedication, etc., to it becomes a principle, theory, values and one’s Mission Statement. Of Course a Dream may be fixed whereby one may plan on a steady plan of development and works hard to achieve, but it could be accidental, coincidental and incidental respectively or synchronized. For Joseph to dream and was later cut short as if put on halt was to show how coincidental it was to pummel to a saving act of God for futuristic ends. For it started like a REM Dream and was later developed into a practical abstract Dream.

God really knows how to develop one to be a master of his or her Dreams only if such is on the paths of a medium by which God can use to interact with the person. For from the texts, one can be the “JOSEPH”(as long as its already established he is already the first person to dream dreams and had seen it to the end) only if it is possible to allow yourself to be the instrument God can use. Joseph saw that he would be delayed as the Vine Owner never saw he would be delayed, and also Joseph experienced almost everything that was narrated in the Parable of the Vine Owner. Joseph and The Only Son played the same Circumstance only that Joseph’s Death was prevented by Reuben and Judah; Jacob whom was later named Israel, is seen as God for that is still the name to differentiate the kinds of God one worships today. The difference between Jacob and God here was that Jacob sent only Joseph but God sent many messengers before sending his own JOSEPH; The Brothers did the same thing as the Tenants of the Vine did only that they had more ‘Joseph’ to encounter and they are also be likened to the Scribes and the Pharisees, whom were the principal target of the Parable.  Now this pattern that has been established can be seen from the three standpoints already mapped out: Personally, Religion and Country.

To the Person whom wants to build a Cornerstone, such is either a Joseph or an already Builder of his or her Future. To be in the steady light and focus of been a Joseph, such person would make bundles of mistakes-costly or ordinary- just to know or direct a path to grow on; Would break through dangerous hurdles such as passing through some ill traits and attitudes of other people of various backgrounds, class, culture and their likes so as to be overthrown to create his or her definition of life; Be able to take certain degrees of Risks, Mood Strains, Pressure, Confidence or Courage, etc. that will hatch into a Unique set of values, Principles, Theories and Dispositions of Life. A Builder however, is one whom takes little or nothing of the above characteristics to sharpen his or her life and worse still chooses to remain stagnant or a motionless constant; One who decides to mix some of the above with some queer personality traits that would be difficult to change; Or one who is just a wandering follower of the Joseph’s person but does little or nothing to compare and contrast such qualities between the Person and him/herself.

PSALM 104:16-21

To the Religion based person or group, there are many crisscrosses by which one tends to foresee it. This is whereby the group(for this is the totality of peoples who chooses to build their faith in a Church)wishes to use their religion as a yardstick of values to attain or otherwise use their Religion as a composition of the kinds of values to possess or reach for as tool for formation. Irrespective the various Sects of Religion founded, yet to spring up or Extinct, they evidently cannot escape as the Church with the Cornerstone or Builders potentials.
Taking analysis of a few Religious faith, a ‘Church’ can be either the motivator of the Cornerstone or Builder family. From the text which is the direct comparison, it is believed that the God that is worshipped originated from the Jewish flock and Church. But are they really the “Cornerstone” of the image God wish them to be or have they become the “Builders” of which they want to settle for? And if the God of Israel is not favoring them, then which Church is portrayed or does God seem to approve the “Cornerstone” leadership to? If it really has been approved to another Religious founding, which if it is not the Church holding the World Power? For though the Judaism Religion is split in to different sects, it nevertheless derives its root from one source: Judaism. This is to say that despite the extremist or quiet their practice of religion may be, there is one central theme and way of doing things that is so pronounced and evident. But can it be said for the Christianity folk or Religion? For the direct Origin of the people that are called Christians were already in split into outrageous number of sects and are still been divided, yet still struggling to cling and acclaim the Original and True founder of the Religion but still yet have different styles, patterns and Traditions of practicing their faith different from each homogenous sect and ecumenical standards put together. Thus the Christian Religion which is perceived to be the God’s Eye as a Religion and Church( As it seems to hold the world power of faith) is itself divided practice of Religion when compared to the Judaism Religion.
This however has shattered the measure which should be “Cornerstone” or the ‘Builder amongst them for it seems to get faint and more faint when compared with other Religious founding like the Buddhists, Hinduism, the Muslims, Zoroastrianism and their like. For Jesus didn’t make a fold or sect a dominant ruler over others even though he had established his to be run and agreed by one head: Peter, as is seen in the Catholic Church, so how come that other sect or religious but Christian founding that are erected outside from the one Jesus erected get a freehand in delivering the Good news or as it is called ‘The Gospel’ that they now wish to steer the Church which Jesus erected owing to the fact that they want a share of World Power or for a reason best known to them? For it is amusing to find the letters of the Alphabet complete in trying to list the Religious sects and Founding that are Christian and also even more amusing to be torn into confusion and in a state of merry-go-round in keeping a clear head which is Transparent before the variables of which is now the “CORNERSTONE” and which is the “BUILDER” can be reached. All these has put any group, church or Religious Founding of whatever Tradition or faith into a reckless abandon of wanton and  state of which is the God-Faith Church.

As one or group hasn’t come out of the Comatose of defining which set of values to put across to ascertain the right condiment of Faith form the particular part of Church and still yet have acquired the right traits of Cornerstone Personality of Joseph, would such beclouded into another never-ending challenge of state: Coming to define and arrive which Country is the ideal “CORNERSTONE” Or “BUILDER”. For one hasn’t got the patience to put to mind the total number of countries, yet alone their Geographical Positions, History and all that it takes to make up a country. Also if you happened to skip the above Religion issue to read and express this subtopic owing to reasons best known to you, then you shall come to arrive that figuring the Country that seems to win the approval of which is the “Cornerstone” type from the “Builder” type is more complex than that of Religion.
Still inferring from the text of the Passage, Israel is still seen as God’s Favorite no matter distant they may be from God’s Protection or obstinate they maybe. But should they be replaced for a while and the Love Of God is bestowed on another country, who then should it be? For Israel is evidently facing the wrath of God till they realized they return, but before they walk by to his arms, which Country then should set the pace or the example of the Israeli-like reaction of compliance God wants? Which may be the envy of God that would challenge Israel to fight back? Is it my Country, or Yours? Should it be Another’s or the Vatican? either way one may see it either through the Joseph Story or The Parable, Despite God’s unraveling and non-paralleling love for Israel, he still helps and sustains the kind of Love that he wish Israel should possess. But is there a Country exacting God’s Choice? With the various checklist of approving a Country’s signature of being a God-Country is what makes it the thinnest outcome as it clashes through various traits be it political, socio-economic, financial, societal virtues and vices, History, Resources, and other numerous values either known or yet to be arrived ones. Still most amusing is when one discards all these and speculate the Country that is tailored for God a Gordian Knot for it is when this can be derived that the next stage of preparation gets it even more entangled: Its Classification of it being a Cornerstone or Builder.

Above all, God is ever present whether all these is put in consideration and if this is attained by either of these three standpoints, then such is complete no matter how little or much permutations involved is engaged by either/or all of these three.

GOSPEL MATTHEW 21:33-43,45-46.


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