Lord, you who created heaven and earth, have bestowed this great nation you love with all your heart as the way you love Israel, your chosen one.
You have never ceased to amaze us with your Omnipotence, Power, Judgment, Rule and all virtues accompanying it from the moment you fashioned the world to this day, as in the days to come.
You have not seen anything you created as evil, even though Satan opted out of your favor of which you already foresaw, for such won’t have had the its moment of creation.
And so from the time man sinned with connivance with Satan, you patiently guided him for though sin, death, shared with you the world.
Yet you allowed him to grow in his emptiness and helplessness as he continued to procreate, and nurture the other virtues made in him.
You Lord, did not refresh or restart the works of your hands as the dirt and damage began to build up.
Beginning from the mistake of Adam and Eve, to that of the Pleasing sacrifice of Abel being the reason of the First Murder the World Recorded from the hands of Cain.
Or was it the Rescue of Noah and preservation of some species in the Ark; Saved Lot and his Family when you destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah;
Or was it the absolute trust from your servant, Abraham, whom was about to sacrifice his only son Isaac, you gave when he was a century old.
Or was it the acceptance of one of the nations between Jacob and Esau, of which Jacob now turned Israel over Esau.
Thus history still celebrate Joseph, whose couple of dreams became the requirement that brought hatred amongst his brothers but the saving encounter of his future and that of the Family. Or was it the stubbornness of Pharaoh ,after Joseph having settled in Egypt, became a torment of his people so result to a Stammering Moses to deliver a multitude of nations to stroll across the Red Sea. And so began the Commandment and shift from Ancestors to the Establishment of Kings.
Of all Kings you upheld a man after your own heart, David, even though his lineage who will continue the history of the Country you guarded would be from another man’s wife.
Thus, the mistake was won but after you had fashioned the most powerful and moving Psalm, PSALM 51. Solomon also walked in his ways by becoming the most Wisest Man on earth as well as the most adulterous results of Wives and Concubines of which their children can populate a Country.
Kingdoms came and gone with each person bestowing the gifts you endowed on them as their mistakes and blunders lived out with it.

Another transition of Change you created was the bridge of these people lived with that of a person who neither became a prophet or a king or intermediary, Job. This you reminded us of the discussion ensued between yourself and Satan, a discussion that later became an approval for your submission, to bless Job with sufferings but without the seizure of life. Despite all that was heaped, dumped and carried on him, he won being a mirror of admiration of what you stood for before these trials as that which he had and even more was lavished on him. Little Wonder one cannot tell the difference between Job and Job as either is its neither.  Such it was that another epitome of this was the encounter recorded in the book of David. David himself was another Job who played the Prophet through the Rule of a King. Of the most wonderful stories of encountering the Gospel was the song of three men who seemed to had gone to hell and back. Meshach, Shedrach and Abednego submitted themselves to you with or without belief of you coming to save them in the heart of the fire that burnt the soldiers who tuned up the intensity of the fire. All for the reason of faith in which they were given an angel to celebrate with them as they moved round the heart of the fire and more stunningly than ever, came out unhurt.
Lord, this is the climax of faith of which your people, Nigeria, neither have what it takes to start rather than the extent to continue and accomplish such faith in you whenever we are in the heart of our own fire.

We your Creature and Children have forgotten so quickly that we were once a group of people living as a family, Family living as a Culture, group of Culture(s) living in a State; States into a Country; and Country in a Continent. We have come like one in great Distress, and like Azariah recounted all the works you have done, so we are recounting your hand in all the things you  have made, whether they were successful in the works they did through you as they were disgraced through the works of their own hands. So we too have become a God to ourselves whenever we feel we can do without you and have become happy whenever we journey with you.
Please Lord, remove from us the idea turned belief that we can do things without you combined to yet another erroneous opinion of proclaiming our lives in you without work or without suffering for it. It is now becoming a new found faith that seems to be difficult for us to get out from. Worse still is the optimistic or pessimistic but ill-perceived sentiments behind every subject and topics of dialogue owing to our kinds of class, background or whatever reason it is ascribed to. Come to our rescue and renew our orientations to these ills we are treading with. Graciously bring us back to the people we once were as you bestow us with the gifts you wished we had as to the reactions and image you imagined us to be as we strive to perfect it through our prayers, works and all. Our goodwill  of Hospitality, Sportsmanship, Religiosity and whatever good in us we use as our means of thanksgiving as with contrite hearts we approach you.

Lord, in your favor teach us how to understand these things as it had passed from one territory, country and continent to another. No matter how good or evil it may be, we as a country is undergoing them but with fear to ask: “AS WHO?”; “HOW CAN”?, etc. For all things we dreamed it may never happen to us is what put us off our grounds. We beseech you to come and reinstate that which has wield us together, Patriotism; Whom had made us one: Jesus; and that which sustains us no matter what makes us think otherwise: The Holy Spirit. Show us the correction to whatever ills we have formed, as to all that is present in creating a divide amongst us and that which is still on the way to put us off our grounds. Make us know and develop how to contain such matters and challenges no matter how good or bad it is. And Please God, Our Source of Refuge, Our All in all, Bring and restore the Peace the World is seeking to achieve with the resolutions you have and that we wish to carry out, for we beg, we cry, we pray, we through the good but handwork’s we strive to maintain and increase consistently in our bones, blood and being grant you agree with us thereby being a Covenant with you. With Pride use our Country as an epitome of the Israel you wish you had though we may not mind you comparing her with us, only if we accept to use as instruments, as a country united in our diversities, all that which you wish to accomplish through us.


In one accord, we ask for the intentions in mind …… ….    …. (forgotten intentions wished in praying along is added).



These and many more we ask through Jesus Christ, We Pray, Amen.”


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