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Orientation and Understanding of Christians in Public Office.

I find this Article a formation to why one needs to constantly pray and be of sincere but genuine, thorough and honest towards those who were, campaigning for, incumbent and those outside in Public Offices and it’s corridors.

It may be you someday so please spread the word.

Onyeador Anthony with compliments and regards from Uniquely Mustered


Prayer for Self-Renewal


Cross of Renewal

Dear God,
I thank you for what you’ve done, what you’re doing and what you shall do in my life.
I thank you more for the opportunities I’ve made and used, Mistakes that were self-inflicted and non purposeful; and Good choices I’ve lost and misused. I pray that as I present myself for forgiveness and supplication, I shall once more appeal your presence in my life.

I wish to ask for Renewal in thoughts, speech and disposition for there are numerous times I bring myself to commit them so wrongful a habit that it’s become a kind of lifestyle. Most times I’m unaware of what comes out of me owing to the mood, situation and challenges it provoked me to react.
Please change and constantly remind me I’m the temple of your spirit and as I bless, I heal and whenever I curse, I destroy.
Help me Lord to be anew in thoughts for this is a most feared intent of my being. That as I heal with my tongue, my thoughts shall pray to reciprocate it. Most times, I could use either in different tones- To bless with a unpleasant thoughts and to curse with a healing thoughts. As I learn from you, dear savior, may I ever more be disciplined with self-control and Gifts of the Holy Spirit.

Renew me Lord in my actions and correct any misguided motives and works of my hands. Grant me the grace to do all for you without self gratification, knowing that it’s to your will I earnest seek; your covenant I behold ever in my life. Make me aware that I’m my brother’s and sister’s keeper irrespective of who, what and how they are.
I seek these O Lord to be Holy in your sight though I’m but a frail and Sinful Child.

Blessed be your name as thee are forever Adored.

Onyeador Anthony with compliments and regards from Uniquely Mustered

The Dieases Called Tribalism

I believe every Nigerian who wishes to make patriotic changes for the Country must read this and make it a Promise and Prayer.

Onyeador Anthony with compliments and regards from Uniquely Mustered

Forever Grateful

There are great friends I’ve been with and you have been one of them.
Most times it is I who fail to see their deeds truly covering up my most odd acts.
Still do I give thanks to the Maker who created them for sending them in times I need them most.
There are four sets of people whom I remain indebted to:

They’ve always got your back even if your back is on the ground. After the strokes and screams, comes the hugs and lessons to avoid such. They’ll be here till their last breath and would take you where you both insist and rather not go. Whichever plan you’ve grow it from here, and life will be fair to spare you its empty threats.

The second charm that take things off, especially if it’s either good or bad a choice.
What makes them scamper from you is what draws them nearer to you, acting like they never cared just to see how much dare you’ve got to build guts.
They mould too but so quietly that they’re never there, only to see how much you care to inflame or appease their attention.
But to you O friends, Words are so little to tell, or quantify how great your inputs craves to result in.

From the onset to death they shall be there,
You dare not force them to accept your thoughts.
All the while they make you choose the best actions to grow or the other choice they teach you so firmly to reject. 
Across different topics and things to share is their picture of God on earth.
Yet they can stand alone to teach as they preach to me and those I can’t reach.
Too deep is their imagination and their want of repentance as they replicate God’s work on earth.

To you uncategorized or are not within the scope I thank
Especially you, Strangers who shall be friends of mine or someone yet undisclosed;
To you who feel so ostracized and can’t be put or associate with anything;
You, yes you and you whom are reading this I compose.
I learned and was moved by one who couldn’t let go his appreciation and now I’m filled with that which made him do what I’m doing.
So I wish you do the same- it’s my initial intention of which I take no credit if it worked.
Who has inspired you to be at the apex your best.
Or who has begun to fill the void of oddness?
It’s high time you stopped and stare and help to heal the world filled with inexplicably strange fears.

They may look tiring some and burdensome, but simply put- Are words best coined by experiences and encounters. I’ve my share to learn from them as is my window to the World- a pleasant way to travel.
Whichever genres you take, an entirety of other category is neatly weaved in it. All you need is an open mind and a ready heart.
The books I’ve read can vouch for me, if it’s a human being can protect me.
It makes me see different moods, places, people and culture- As I pray I’m not repeating myself.
However, such is now spread across globally as there are books I’ve not seen or got my hands on.
O life spare me that I may have read as much as I ought as I’ve done for others to wrought.

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Tom Balisteri
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Art by Robert Goldstein
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Onyeador Anthony with compliments and regards from Uniquely Mustered



African Woman

Such is her strength- does it really expire?
She will defend anything and everything to make life ever better.
If only it can be repaid whenever she’s frail, for Her maker has made her fragile to accommodate all that would make her agile.

No woman was born different- even the worse ones wishes for the best. Yet life has made unfair the times she tries to build her so well but got results and reactions far less than she expected.
Perhaps it is why she ended up this way: to treat what comes her way with so much disdain. Worse still, she’s bent beyond her will as what she fights for is shredded before her reach.

Or is this why some women are so cruel- born with a man’s heart to treat her subjects like dehumanized objects. When there are some born like angels, more have become a threat to the devil. Still one can’t fathom the depth of a woman, for she’s a mystery the world has sought endless discoveries.

Onyeador Anthony with compliments and regards from Uniquely Mustered

Untitled Hero

He wakes up anytime and prepares schedules which will happen at random.
Up he goes wandering round the Earth like a man insane but not mad. Not yet.
Success is his worth today but unsure for tomorrow.
Still he presses on with a zeal that hope will etch a faith yet to be sung.

She is one without parents bent to the wishes of people that come by.
Day by day she prays for a change- with patience of one who endlessly awaits a new twist.
It’s not her intention to be fiddled like a toy just to satisfy the wants of men.
Yet unknown comes the day turned to years gone by, that she would be freed from this sad state.

They were friends before now enemies with aggravated passion.
They came together from school to start a business so new.
Things turned out so well they felt their heaven is here.
Never did they know that a move beyond their nose would split them so quick.
For their offices was raised down by a snitch from a top government official;
Whom had followed them individually to study their untold secrets of success.

Heroes come and go, above or under the radar of knowledge. Yet one can’t tell it’s strength of fame when it is perceived by people who need their help. For it could be they’re present to wield some kind of support for your own.
Or may have died away to increase the fears or make you even depressed and procrastinate your time and energy to pull through.

Whichever you wish to be learn more, Read and search further, for an untold hero is in you or whom you shall influence.
The more you discover and groomed them, the more popularly unpopular will you earn but untitled.

Onyeador Anthony with compliments and regards from Uniquely Mustered

A Feminist’s Battle


True or False?
Trying to be fair here as I bask into what an average girl thinks.

Onyeador Anthony with compliments and regards from Uniquely Mustered

English Girl Converts to Islam Then Gets Acid Attacked for Breaking-up With Muslim Man

English Girl Converts to Islam Then Gets Acid Attacked for Breaking-up With Muslim Man.


What will the lady do after she’s discharged from the hospital?

A Want For Equality

Egalitarians of today are still praying to have the world to be a place where a man and woman can live together irrespective of the competition they face, ideological and philosophical differences, tribal, racial or whatever variable perceived. Despite the reason that such champion of notion tends to waver amongst the already existing few that exist, such in an astonishingly discovered research is dwindling in number. I truly wondered if there are such still holding out to their opinions as to reflecting and imprinting such ideas to the world.

Though the world tends to be the collusion of bombarded thoughts, ideas, discoveries and results, the average person whom seek to be an egalitarian hopes to heal a fraction of those who defends such views. Such a person should be aware that as the world rotates, so also the variances of Race, Culture, Background, Education and the Divine. The development of these factors enhances or divides through dialogue and other social means, a quest for possible outcomes revealing its thinness or thickness; exposure or negligence; humanly or divinely; meaningful or controversial- results that is either good or bad for the person as well as with the other person.

Thus it is fair to perceive when engaged in discussion some certain or obviously identified traits can be thoroughly, if not properly sought for, the awareness of such so as to influence a healthy change towards the stiffness of whatever result ensued in the exchange of ideas or the recommendations rendered to adopting new ones.

These  is the stand I am happy to share with anyone who wish to learn or give in order to restore some measures of balance among the sexes.

Yet still I ask: Are there still Egalitarians in this World?

Getting to Change

If there’s anything you can’t determine or manipulate is Change. It makes or brings out the best or the unseen of a person. Either way, It’s what defines or elevates your inner traits and outer physical attribute.


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