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This is to all women who value themselves as a price of talent too golden to be cheap. May your work strive to meet your needs and earns no matter how silent or crystal they could be.

Shine like the folks and the sex so unending a discussion.


Why I’m Dumping The Numeric Pain Scale As A Chronic Illness Patient

A Short Analysis of Thomas Hardy’s ‘Hap’

Some Poets really know how to woo their audience.
But for one of my fond writers and his stand of his faith does not stop me from learning from him.

Interesting Literature

A summary of Hardy’s poem of chance

‘Hap is one of Thomas Hardy’s earliest great poems, composed in the 1860s while he was still a young man in his twenties. Its theme is one that would return again and again in both Hardy’s poetry and in his fiction: the seeming randomness of the world, and the ways in which our fortunes (and our misfortunes) are a result of blind chance rather than some greater plan. Here is ‘Hap’, anyway, and a few words of analysis.


If but some vengeful god would call to me
From up the sky, and laugh: ‘Thou suffering thing,
Know that thy sorrow is my ecstasy,
That thy love’s loss is my hate’s profiting!’

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This Yam, This Goat, This Country: Pwc On NNPC – Part 2

The Completion of the Mess I earlier posted.
Would hope to get a study from those in the field so as to suggest a recommendation to eradicate this mess. Please if you know or are competent in sharing and discussing this, then please make out time to say or post anything about it.


No one has the right to retain money that should come to the federation account. Constitutionally, it should come and then , if expenses are legitimate, they should be presented transparently and properly approved. To even admit that you have withheld $10bn or $12bn and then say this is what I did with it is, frankly speaking, not even the beginning of an argument” – Sanusi Lamido Sanusi, speaking to Gavin Serkin, author of ‘Frontier

Part 1 is here if you missed it.

We now know the measurement of the yam ($69bn) that was left in the care of the NNPC goat. And we also know how much the goat handed back to the Nigerian treasury ($50bn). The debate now is what right the NNPC had to eat so much ($20bn) of the yam belonging to the Nigerian people, if it had the right to…

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This Yam, This Goat, This Country: PwC on NNPC – Part 1

Some unfortunate past that has happened in this country one should use to correct for the future, else it becomes the daily today of stuck development.


Friends and countrymen; I beseech you by the mercies of God that ye do whatsoever it is within thine powers to prevent a frolic between the yam and the goat. For, as surely as the rising and setting of the sun, such an enterprise yieldeth only corruption, nay a sad ending for the yam” – Goodluck The Jonathan, First of His Name

Finally, we get a chance to see what PwC, the auditors, saw when they looked into the black hole that is NNPC. The full report is here (200 pages). It is not pretty.

I am not an oil and gas expert and much of the industry and how it works confuses me. But the PwC report is written in English so let’s try to parse it.

Remember The King?

A quick recap of what started all of this – King Mohammed Sanusi II, in his former…

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How do you React to Stimuli

To be updated about how your body feeds your mind and vice versa, I implore you to carry out what this article entails as a routine and guide to be aware and reciprocate the inferences on what you’ve discovered after going through it.

Onyeador Anthony with compliments and regards from Uniquely Mustered


Ongoing Investigation on a Host that Bleeds.

Do you believe in the Bread and Chalice turned to the Body and Blood of Christ by a Validly Ordained Priest?

Fr. Alfred Mamman's Blog

Fr Alfred Mamman

A possible Eucharistic miracle in the diocese of Salt Lake City, Utah is now under investigation.

Last week during Holy Communion at St. Francis Xavier parish in Salt Lake City, a consecrated Host was given to a child who had not yet made his First Communion. The child’s mother informed the priest presiding and returned the Host to him.

The priest, adhering to canon law, then took the consecrated Host and placed it in a container of water to dissolve. Three days later the consecrated Host began to bleed.

As word spread, people quickly began arriving at the parish to adore the Host for a short time. The bleeding Host is now in the possession of diocesan officials who will investigate the possible miracle.

At every Catholic Mass, following the command of Jesus himself, the celebrant raises the host and says, “Take this, all of you…

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Bishop Kukah’s Keynote Address at the Conference on, The Muslim Agenda For Nigeria: Challenges of Development and Good Governance

The Naked Truth of Discourse towards the Unification of Religion and Nation.

How I wish I have a simple word to describe it. But the more I search for words the more steep I enjoy the reeling of the message.

I pray this for any Organized Religion.

Fr. Alfred Mamman's Blog

Here is a draft text of a Keynote Address at the Conference on, The Muslim Agenda For Nigeria: Challenges of Development and Good Governance, organised by the ISLAMIC WELFARE FOUNDATION at the Fountain University, Osogbo, 22-25th, November 2015, By Bishop Matthew Hassan KUKAH, Catholic Bishop of Sokoto Diocese 

CQTE_O0U8AEIdqt (1)

         Bishop Matthew KUKAH, Catholic Bishop of Sokoto Diocese

First of all, let me thank the organisers of this Conference, the Islamic Welfare Foundation at the Fountain University for inviting me to this Conference in the historic city of Osogbo to deliver the keynote address. I feel quite honoured by this kind invitation. On the surface, one would ask, what has a Catholic Bishop got to offer in a Conference that seeks to chart a way for an Islamic agenda for Nigeria? When we consider that the notion of an Islamic agenda is a loaded theme in the…

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Don’t Jump!


This is what I’ve been trying to pass across in my today’s posts.

Onyeador Anthony with compliments and regards from Uniquely Mustered

Prayer for Self-Renewal


Cross of Renewal

Dear God,
I thank you for what you’ve done, what you’re doing and what you shall do in my life.
I thank you more for the opportunities I’ve made and used, Mistakes that were self-inflicted and non purposeful; and Good choices I’ve lost and misused. I pray that as I present myself for forgiveness and supplication, I shall once more appeal your presence in my life.

I wish to ask for Renewal in thoughts, speech and disposition for there are numerous times I bring myself to commit them so wrongful a habit that it’s become a kind of lifestyle. Most times I’m unaware of what comes out of me owing to the mood, situation and challenges it provoked me to react.
Please change and constantly remind me I’m the temple of your spirit and as I bless, I heal and whenever I curse, I destroy.
Help me Lord to be anew in thoughts for this is a most feared intent of my being. That as I heal with my tongue, my thoughts shall pray to reciprocate it. Most times, I could use either in different tones- To bless with a unpleasant thoughts and to curse with a healing thoughts. As I learn from you, dear savior, may I ever more be disciplined with self-control and Gifts of the Holy Spirit.

Renew me Lord in my actions and correct any misguided motives and works of my hands. Grant me the grace to do all for you without self gratification, knowing that it’s to your will I earnest seek; your covenant I behold ever in my life. Make me aware that I’m my brother’s and sister’s keeper irrespective of who, what and how they are.
I seek these O Lord to be Holy in your sight though I’m but a frail and Sinful Child.

Blessed be your name as thee are forever Adored.

Onyeador Anthony with compliments and regards from Uniquely Mustered


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